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Paintball-Parks.co.uk is an independant Paintball and Paintballing Directory. We do not own or opperate any paintballing facillities ourselves. The information contained on this website is, in the majority of instances, supplied by the paintball park, paintball retail outlet listed themselves or collected by third parties and is provided as a guide only. If you have any questions or spot any errors please do contact us.

Let's Go Paintballing!

Paintball Parks UK

This website is an information site and Directory of Paintball Parks, Paintball Game, Paintball Shops, Paintball Retail Outlets across the UK. Choose a country from the navigation bar above - Then choose a county or region - This will show you the Paintball Parks info in your search area.

We don't stock or sell any Paintball products or Paintball Games ourselves - We are purely an information source for you to find out enough about Paintballing and Paintball Combat Games for yourself at the Paintball Park of your choice.

We are not part of the Paintball Parks Ltd network - We just recommend the 'sport' to you. Paintball Parks are great fun and we recommend you try it out at least once in your lifetime.

Paintball in UK, Paintball Combat Games:

There are a number of paintball parks, centres or sites in UK, some of these are listed in this independent paintballing guide. Each listed paintball park is unique in what it has to offer but may be part of a national paintballing company like Delta Force Paintball with multiple paintball parks. Many are either situated in woodland or urban environments, with some sites located indoor. UK, is an ideal place for paintball games in the UK. We recommend that you phone up the venue before you book to check availability. Some paintball sites in UK, may allow you just to turn up to skirmish on the day but they are few and far between.

Paintball sites in UK,
To add your paintball combat game park, venue or paintball UK retail outlet here please e mail us at zap@paintball-parks.co.uk

Favorite reasons for just paintballing are:

Family or Friends Day Out or Paintball Party - An ideal opportunity to bond family units or reinforce friendships with a paintball combat game session at a paintball park in UK,

Corporate Team Building Events - There are a number of paintball parks and indoor paintball sites across the UK that offers corporate team building activities including a paintball combat game. Paintball in UK, could be construed in itself to be the ultimate in team building events. Whether you decide to make your paintball park visit an inter staff activity, a company challenge or just entertaining your clients, paintballing and paintball game events have all you need to make the day both memorable and effective as a staff training course.

Paintballing Stag and Hen Parties - Over the last few years paintballing and paintball skirmish has become an extremely popular event for stag and hen parties. Paintball games in UK, offer the ideal group activity.

UK, Paintball - Paintball park skirmishes can be carried out all year round. There will be some times of the year, especially spring and autumn, when paintball parks in UK, become fully booked. At these times of year it is best to book your paintball park visits early to avoid any disappointment.

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UK, Paintball Parks Site Owners - We have added many paintball sites throughout the UK as we possibly can. If you find that your paintball center or paintball park web site has not been added, please e-mail us with the details at zap@paintball-parks.co.uk

This web page is the UK Directory of Paintball Parks across the UK. Choose a region from the navigation bar right - Then choose a city or town - This will show you the Paintball Parks or Paintball retail outlet in your Scottish search area. For example if you're looking for Southwest Paintballing then look in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset and Avon.

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